Dominion – July 2015


There was rage, and blood, in the evening sun

As it stretched and thrust itself across the quivering sea.

I watched from the water’s edge as it held dominion,

As I walked along the sand and let it eat

My history, pressed for just a moment there within,

That far flung star, breathless fire, laid claim to all, to me.


And as the lakewater claps its soft, broken applause

Against the cliffs, and the loons dive deep beneath

The rolling wind-willed surface,

And I sway gently in my boat, a one man fleet

I know that I am strengthless—

For it too has all dominion over me.


And as the rain regales it in strength

And rips and bullets every roof and tattered jacket seam,

When it pours before the sun and blinds the blinding day,

And falls like edicts from the lips of queens,

I know, too, for always,

It has all dominion over me.