Down, Down

Down, Down – 15 Oct. 2015


And I came down, down from up the valley, where I’d always belonged

And came down, down into the city, thinking that I’d meet some ones

Some ones who’d smiled on me, and ask about where I’d come from

And I’d tell them of the winters moons, paint for them the summer suns.

And I’d know them, and I’d love them, and my journey would be done

I’d have found what I came down for—for the people I had come.

And they’d show me round the city, and I’d hear music in her humming

I’d be a windblown grain, taken away, down, down in to the fields for budding

Into the fields I saw below at dusk and in the glowing

Of the city down, down, down below, glowing in the morning


And I am that grain, windblown away, over the creeks and far away—

A little flightless bird, I went, but song kept me on and soaring—


I’d bring down, down from the valley, where I’d always belonged

A store of foreign melodies and weave them into songs

I’d be that grain of truth down there, but how I was proven wrong:

I came down, down, from the valley, and took root nowhere among

Those who I’d imagined here, who’d be here when I showed

I departed grain in summer, but arrived to fields of snow.


I came down, down from the valley, and brought a valley-full of hopes

Though they bloomed not how I planned them, that doesn’t do me woe.

I have learned to be made easy in this place that I am sewn

From afar I love the people, and from near, to be alone.