Rome – Spring 2015


It goes around that Rome, that antiquated

Pillar of the world, was not merely built

In just a day;

No, the earth did tilt,

And turn her face—

We were born,

We some fell ill

Before the storm

Before the falling of the reign.

It was made on, took from,

Crushed and bosomed life

—So it is related.


And too it’s said, all elevated

Nether to the ground must come;

With more delay,

The farther flung;

The more the weight

The ladder bears,

The faster crack the rungs.

To steal the air!

From skies! And future days!

Up the walls! The pillars tall!

Built for ever, never to fall!

That city was created.


And I look upon my modern world, consecrated

By concrete and by worthless wares

Made for being made,

Not worthy cares

—for rough-wrought product’s sake;

In that Rome

Were born affairs

—today our Arkenstone—

That call us best where brick is laid;

Forget the end! But not its size!

That Rome took long the truth belies!

That it was still made of spit and clay.