‘Sleep, sleep, sleep all day’

‘Sleep, sleep, sleep all day’ – Spring 2015


Sleep, sleep, sleep all day

In bed with your Lover Time

It isn’t use, but it isn’t waste

Neither bitter, nor sublime


Lover Time turns over,

And you turn over too.

You do not see you Lover’s eyes,

But your Lover’s eyes see you.


Time turns once more over,

Rolls right on out of bed—

Your Love leaves you lying

Like a dream inside your head.


They were the early morning hours

When you and Time lay down

On a straw mat in Havana

Or on a silver wisp of cloud


In a musty train compartment

Or a dusty alleyway

In a not-for-rent apartment

—Be it as it may:


The hours are still now early

But early in the even

Time went walking, surly

About the bed you never leave.


Time is a jealous Lover

One not to be ignored,

Although Time loves with others

Time hates when you are bored.


Time grows testy easily;

You must keep a watch,

For Time will leave you freely

O, more quickly than you thought.


While you wait so patiently

For waves of sleep to beach

Time moves ever languidly

And is always out of reach


But when you try to stay awake

Time pulls down the blinds

And dances just for dancing’s sake

The dress a-flutter before your eyes


And when you sleep the day away

Like stones in the river bed

Your Lover never means to stay:

Turn, and see Love’s fled.