Wear Do You Walk at Night?

Wear Do You Walk at Night? – Spring 2015


I hear them in their beige and blue—

The men who hiss like shadows.

Always red lights go with them,

From pubs to work and back again

Forever firing pistons

Pumped up—like your choice of shoes.


D’ya hear them calling after you?

They thought they heard silk speak.

Blood red hot for a slice of black

A gleaming throat, a glint of back

Whose call to arms? It’s whose attack?

To provoke, they say, is to be rude.


“But it’s all so simple! Have no fright!

Where there’s no meat no dog will bite!”

So’s the talk amongst themselves—

It’s a doggish condition to drool at belles.

It’s man’s best friend—woman’s as well?

“Be careful wear you walk at night.”