‘What a quiet boy you are!’

‘What a quiet boy you are!’- Spring 2015


What a quiet boy you are!

Said I myself, as young as March

As small as life, as big as dark

Spoke I myself with sky like stars—


All on how rests say I “please”

One vowel to two

Become I (k)new

The you I wanted me to be


All so love just is my speech:

I live like the bark on the weathered beech

Only wind to listen, by wind hard beat

To self talk I, glisten, preach.


I myself through talked all night

Cheer me words up, hear me bright!

No one questions asked had right,

Save little, ever little i.


I through knowhere allways lived

A perfect voice through others sieved

I searched for “gave” but gave out “gived”

I always saw a backwards kid.