“I swear, I think all these songs are some kind of secret language,” says Oliver West, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Anchorage, Alaska. “And I don’t really know who speaks it. But sometimes I write a song and someone just gets it. And it’s like we’re looking inside each other’s heads.” 

Looking inside someone’s head is about as apt a way as any to describe the introspective, cerebral music that West makes. It’s like sonic psychoanalysis. With poetic, dense, and often darkly humorous lyrics the songwriter paints the nuanced image of everything that transpires between and within people, across space and time.  

“Weather Me.”, West’s second record, is characterized by his distinctive percussive guitar playing and creative open tunings, as well as his unique voice that hovers between a whisper in your ear and an elbow to the head. It straddles the line between acoustic and electric production techniques, with elements of folk, jazz, and RnB, many pieces simultaneously feeling glacially slow and yet full of latent energy.